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League Of Incompetence

2013-03-20 15:54:14 by Jcopacetic

The Project I've been working on us officially underway. Alsnowman is animating andwe are picking through voice actors from the community that have sent auditions in. We should be recording and animating for ep 1 sometime next week. I'm really excited.


2013-03-13 23:52:29 by Jcopacetic

The website tells me to make a post, I make a post. I have no idea about this forum, but it looks awesome so I might hang around here for a while. I'm an aspiring animator, heck, I'm an aspiring creator. I want to create.

I came here because I'm working on a series, and I need an animator. So that's what I'll be doing here for the time being. idk what else to say, soooo.....